Asma Ibrahim, People-UF Nematode Assay Lab

Asma Ibrahim

Asma Ibrahim Hi, my name is Asma Ibrahim. I am here to complete a part of my research on Genomic diversity of Root knot nematodes and Development of Induce systemic resistance (ISR) against Meloidogyne incognita in vegetables. I am doing my Ph.D. from University of the Punjab, Lahore Pakistan. For molecular characterization of nematodes I am here working under the supervision of Dr. Tesfamariam Mengistu in the Nematode Assay Lab, in the Entomology and Nematology department. I am very happy and satisfied to work here as the molecular tools for nematodes systematics are available here and the people here are very cooperative. From University of the Punjab, Pakistan, I have completed my Master's degree in nematology, worked on the biocontrol management against Root Knot Nematodes.