Extension (70 - 90% of assigned effort):

Cooperative Extension education on biology, diagnosis, and management of plant parasitic nematodes, with primary responsibility for turf, ornamentals, home horticulture, and agronomic crops; oversee Florida Cooperative Extension Service Nematode Assay Laboratory.
Research (10 - 20%):
1) nematode management for turf, ornamentals, and home gardens;
2) evaluate plant germplasm, particularly forage legumes and grasses, for resistance/tolerance to important nematode pests.

Teaching (10 - 25%):

Primary responsibility for PMA 3010, Principles of Plant Pest Management, and PMA 4570, Field Methods in Pest Management; give guest lectures on nematode management in several commodity-oriented courses.


Florida Nematode Management Guide: revised at least annually; new chapters prepared as appropriate. Nematology Pointers, separate pamphlets about nematodes of specific commodities or situations, are written and updated as needed to supplement contents of the NMG. Within limits of time, support production departments and commodity groups as requested through publications and programs. Adaptive field research/demonstrations conducted as opportunity and need permit.

Research: Adaptive research, mostly to evaluate



Worked with Pan American School of Agriculture at Zamorano, Honduras, to strengthen their program in Nematology: helped develop teaching slide sets, improve diagnostic laboratory services, and deliver an extension short-course. One graduate student did much of her Ph.D. research at Zamorano. Have visited agricultural operations and/or attended scientific meetings in 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. President (1994-1995) of ONTA, Organization of Nematologists of Tropical America, with members throughout the Neotropics.

Selected Invited talks:

Grants and Contracts:
1990 - 1997, annually, ca. $7,000 - 20,000 in small commercial grants and unrestricted gifts, and ca. $20,000 - 40,000 in client fees through the Florida Nematode Assay Laboratory.

Career Publications:

Author/co-author of ca. 50 refereed journal articles, 2 book chapters, ca. 50 abstracts and other non-refereed journal articles, and hundreds of popular and extension publications and revisions.